Introducing NXT+

NXT-PLUS is a third-party extension to NXT (currently based of version 1.5.15) initially created for FIMKrypto then backported to NXT for use in mofowallet.

Typical users of NXT-PLUS would be technology providers who work with NXT and are looking for more ways of interfacing with NXT.
Potential use is by exchanges, wallet creators, asset exchange automators or observers, payment processors.

Users of NXT-PLUS get free and automatic compatibility with FIMK.

What you get ..

Realtime network event listeners through WebSockets

Growing library of asynchronous low-latency RPC calls

Smarter and faster use of existing API over RPC bridge

Pre calculated average asset price data for use in charts

Extended search support (search accounts and aliases)

Blog like meta layer on top of AM, turns every account, asset, currency or goods into a posts publisher.

Commenting meta layer on AM, free unrestricted commenting on any blog/post.

Where to get it ..

To use NXT-PLUS you have to compile it from source.

Contact us at incentivetokengmailcom

Who uses NXT-PLUS ..

FIMKrypto multi-currency FIMK+NXT client (mofowallet)
Download for windows, macosx, linux
Hosted version: Search, Block explorer, Asset Exchange